Welcome to the first edition of “Ask Candid Candace,” a friendly advice column aimed to inform and amuse. I’m not a doctor, psychologist, therapist, et al., but rather a woman with some common sense who isn’t afraid to use it. Send your questions—fashion, human interest, pets, family issues, health and beauty—and I will try to answer. Direct questions to

Dear Candid Candace: I’m a happily married man who loves his wife. We enjoy going on fancy dinner dates together, but she spends far too long getting ready and in my opinion, wears too much makeup. Should I keep it to myself until death do us part? How do I tell her she looks lovely with less?

—Mr. Overpowdered

Dear Mr. Overpowered: First of all, you should feel lucky that your wife loves you that much that she wants to look her best for you. But sadly, a lot of women feel the need to wear too much makeup and over-powder. Makeup is a lot like jewelry—there’s a fine line between enough and too much. Perhaps when your wife is sans makeup, you can reinforce to her how much you love her like this. Subtlety is key. If this doesn’t work, there are always dimly lit restaurants.

Dear Candid Candace: My wife doesn’t understand that I need an alarm to get up for work. I rarely let it ring more than three times. She has gotten so mad about the clock waking her up that she has thrown it across the room and I’ve found it dismantled and broken on my bedside table. Now we sleep in different rooms. I’d like to be able to share a room with my wife and just get up and bring home the bacon. How do I get her to be more tolerant and accept that setting an alarm is a perfectly normal way to rise early for work?

—Mr. Bacon

Dear Mr. Bacon: Who in the world is lucky enough not to need an alarm clock to wake up early? Goodness, I need an alarm and the Shannon Rovers to wake me up early so it’s hard for me to wrap my head around this. However, Candid Candace has ferreted out a variety of gadgets that will wake you and not disturb your partner. (Lark Silent Alarm Clock, worn on the wrist; Bose Sleepbuds; AcousticSheep Headsphones; Wireless Bluetooth Sleep Headphones, to name a few.) You could always try getting up on the first ring. As an aside, perhaps your wife could use some anger management classes too?

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