With our theme this month of service and charity in the City of Chicago we turn to our favorite sports teams to dream up some money-raising ideas.

For instance, the Chicago Bears could donate $50 for every quarterback they have used in the last two decades. You might need a strong calculator to add them all up, but trust us, the donation amount would be quite significant.

Possibly, the Chicago Cubs could donate $150 for every player no longer on their roster from the World Series winning team. That would be 22 times 150 because, amazingly, only three of the 25 are left: Kyle Hendricks, Wilson Contreras and Jason Heyward.

How about our Chicago Blackhawks hockey team donating $300 for every fan surveyed on the street who could NOT name a Blackhawk player besides Patrick Kane or Jonathan Toews. The strong bet here is the charity pot could sweeten nicely.

Better yet, the Chicago Bulls could donate $100 for every fan, teammate, opposing player or announcer that mispronounces the name of star player Nikola Vucevic over the course of the season. Bonus donation for any butchering of rookie Ayo Dosunmu’s name.

Here’s a guaranteed fund producer—have our WNBA champion Chicago Sky donate $200 for every Allie Quigley three pointer. Now we’re talking! One of the best shooters in women’s hoop history could make some organization quite wealthy.

What about we hit up Chicago Sky Champions Part 2 donation of $50 for every one of the people in the crowd at the sold out Wintrust Arena for the playoff finals that had never been to a Sky game before? Sad to say, but a big chunk of money could be raised here under the hashtag #bandwagonjumpers.

Finally, Loyola University could pitch in on behalf of our Chicago-area college sports teams and donate $50 for every Ramblers game our beloved No. 1 fan Sister Jean has attended over the years. The Centurion-plus could raise a lot of money, as she has been “in it, to win it” with Loyola basketball for multiple decades.

Have some ideas of your own? Send them to us at

Jon Cohn is a New Eastside resident. Email ideas for Jon to

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