Jesus Lopez

Jesus Lopez has been a doorperson at Harbor Point Condominiums for five years.

“We were very close,” he said. “We all lived in a three-flat with my grandma in the basement, my family on the main floor, and my aunts and uncles on the second floor with my cousins.”

Now he shares that passion with the residents of the Harbor Point Condominiums, 155 N. Harbor Dr., where he has been employed for the past five years. Lopez was working in the mailroom when the opportunity to join the door staff came along. He jumped at the chance to interact with others.

“The people here are awesome, both the coworkers and residents,” he said. “The atmosphere and respect and friendship that we all share and try to spread are amazing. I love coming back every day.”

Born and raised on Chicago’s northwest side, Lopez attended Theodore Roosevelt High School near Lawrence and Kimball avenues. He played wide receiver and cornerback for the football team and practiced with the basketball and track teams. Outside of school, he spent a lot of time socializing with his cousins, an experience that he continues to cherish.

“We didn’t have all the video games and cell phones, it was like old school,” he said. “It makes you appreciate that not everybody’s fortunate to have a situation like that.”

After graduating from Theodore Roosevelt, Lopez got right to work. He was a hot food clerk at the Lakeshore East Mariano’s when he accepted the position with the Harbor Point mailroom, and worked both jobs until becoming a doorperson.

Although Lopez likes to reunite with old friends when he’s not at work, he and his wife have been blessed with a new responsibility that they are joyfully devoted to tending.

“Our daughter is 15 months old,” he said. “She’s up and talking and running around. She’s my everything.”

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