by Mat Cohen

It’s been a long journey for Doorperson  Marek Sit to get to 400 E. Randolph. Actually, about 4,500 miles. 

Sit was born in Poland. In 1981, at 24 years old, he followed his mother to New York City, and then to Chicago.

“First I wanted to go to Canada, but I decided to go to Chicago instead and find a job,” Sit said. “I caught another plane from NYC and came to Chicago and I was in such a shock.”

Since starting a new life in the U.S., Sit has worked hard and earned respect, which is why he’s been named Doorperson of the Month.

Sit worked at a condo building on the Northside for 14 years before interviewing for the building in the New Eastside. “

They closed the doorman position (at my old building), and this was so devastating for me and my coworkers,” he said. “But (400 E. Randolph) called me  for the interview and that’s how every- thing started. They fortunately hired me  and fortunately I have had the job for this long.  the building is very busy, it’s very nice.”

After nearly 23 years at the job, Sit is still  putting in extra hours to help in the pack- age room with the Christmas rush. 

He’s seen a lot of change as the community and residents are getting younger. 

“From the basement to the roof, everything is brand new,” he said. “But I’m glad  I’ve been here to witness the change.”

He’s seen a lot of older residents move on or decide to live in nursing homes.

“It’s not easy but this is the life,” he said. “Life goes on and you have to witness this, even though I don’t like it when they go.”

When he’s not working, he spends time with family, fishing with his brother in Michigan and relaxing on their boat. 

Getting to know people is also important to Sit, who loves to wish kids a  great day as they’re leaving for school in  the morning.

“There are sometimes residents, or taxi drivers, and they know me from my old building. It’s been a long time and they recognize me and I recognize them.” he said. 

To nominate your favorite doorperson, email info@neweastsidecommunity.com with their name and why you think they should be the doorperson of the month. Each winner will receive a $25 gift card to Mariano’s.  

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