Protesters and police on Michigan Ave.

Protesters prevented eastbound traffic from entering Michigan Ave. at Ohio St. for about an hour on August 29.

Common sense prevailed during an Aug. 29 “Peace & Unity: Shutdown our Magnificent Mile” demonstration on Michigan Avenue. As approximately 150 protesters condemned police — and approximately 150 police officers observed them — the mood stayed relatively cool and everyone scored a win for the First Amendment.

The event was hosted by Chicago-based humanitarian organization Tikkun Chai Inter-National, which “advocates and fights for human rights of all people,” according to its Facebook page. Founded in 2018 by Rabbi Michael Ben Yosef, Tikkun Chai Inter-National is the same organization that hosted the August 15 Shutdown Our Dan Ryan march.

Rabbi Michael Ben Yosef

Rabbi Michael Ben Yosef addresses protesters at the Wrigley Building in Chicago.

The Chicago Activist Coalition For Justice, an auxiliary organization sponsored by Tikkun Chai Inter-National, co-hosted the demonstration.

Although the protesters did not actually shut down the Magnificent Mile, they marched south and occupied the Ohio St. crosswalk for about an hour, preventing eastbound traffic from accessing Michigan Ave. They did not enter the intersection because Chicago police formed a barrier that stretched for nearly a block along the western side of the street.

Chicago police department

Police formed a barrier that stretched for nearly a block along the western side of Michigan Ave.

At one point, a handful of protesters demanded that an officer put on a facemask. After a few minutes of spirited persuasion, he complied. There were no arrests, no shattered storefronts, and no incidents of looting.

Shut down Mag Mile

During the Aug. 30 "Shut down our Mag Mile" protest in Chicago, about 150 people demonstration against police while approximately 150 police officers observed them.


Chicago police on Twitter

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