With my Mom, Elsa Mae Stott, and husband Chuck Jordan celebrating Mother's Day in years' past.

With my Mom, Elsa Mae Stott, and husband Chuck Jordan celebrating Mother's Day in years' past.

Dear Mom,

Today is the day I celebrate and honor you. I wish you were here so I could give you flowers and a gift to make you smile. You’ll never know how much I miss you, every day, all days, but the lessons you taught me and the incredible memories we made together will last a lifetime.

Even though you came from a small town, you were born with such wisdom and common sense, something years of college could never teach. I was honored to sit at your feet and listen to your advice. I’m sorry for the sleepless nights you had when I moved to Chicago. I still have all of the letters filled with worry that you sent me when I made the move to this city that seemed so far away.

I remember you telling me your happiest days were when you moved in with Chuck and me. How lucky am I to have a man who loved you like I did? I remember all of the fun we had on Menomonee Street celebrating Christmas, Easter, birthdays and so on.

Particularly, I will always remember our trips together to Miami when Chuck and his boyfriends went to Canada fishing. We had such fun shopping at Bal Harbour, dining at the latest hotspots and tooling around and getting lost in our little convertible.

I know you’re watching over me because I feel your presence. Whenever I have tough decisions, your advice is the first I can hear. On this day, and always, happy Mother’s Day.

I miss you,


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