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About Us

Chicago Star Media is an organization dedicated to delivering upbeat useful news that inspires readers within their community to love where they live, work and play. Our newspapers connect people to local resources and small businesses.

We have strong ties to the neighborhoods we cover with many of our journalists and contributors hailing from these communities.

We currently operate two free print papers: New Eastside News and Streeterville News under the Chicago Star Media brand.


10,000 print monthly for each paper with a total 20,000 full color newsprint

95% of downtown residential apartment/condo buildings

110+ high rise buildings, 9 major grocery stores

20 Hotels and other high traffic areas, including but not limited to Maggie Daley Park and the Chicago Pedway system.

You can also find our products in many of the outdoor news racks on main streets in downtown Chicago.

Chicago Star Media is owned and operated by Eastside Enterprises.



Elaine Hyde, Publisher & Editor


Daniel Patton, Managing Editor


Jay Kopp, Director of Business Development


Bob Oswald, Copy Editor & Layout

Vivien Lee, Copy Editor

Matthew Cohen, Staff Writer

Elisa O. Shoenberger, Staff Writer

Doug Rapp, Staff Writer

Angela Gagnon, Staff Writer

Jon Cohn, Columnist


Reemaa Konkimalla

Lynn Brahin

Gail Spreen (Streeterville)


“Chicago is a city of neighborhoods, where local news is valued and respected. The New Eastside News offers local news stories affecting tens of thousands of residents of the New Eastside and Lakeshore East communities – two of the fastest growing neighborhoods in the City of Chicago. The New Eastside News is an important resource and helps build community between residents in the New Eastside and Lakeshore East neighborhoods, located in the heart of downtown Chicago’s 42nd Ward.” -Alderman Brendan Reilly, 42nd Ward

(Photo by Jacqueline Covey)

bKL Architecture is grateful to have New Eastside News as a local resource for our community. With our architecture studio located in Chicago’s New Eastside, we are lucky to have such an attentive and community-driven media source in our neighborhood. New Eastside News has continually remained in communication with us at bKL regarding our ongoing projects, both in Lakeshore East and in the surrounding area. New Eastside News offers an outlet for local businesses like bKL to reach the community in a productive and thoughtful manner; we are thankful for their journalism.” – bKL Architecture

(Site of Cirrus and Cascade, March 2020. Photo by Elizabeth Johnston)