The Luminary, a new cafe based out of 303 East Wacker, offers a selection of craft coffee and tea options, as well as two specialty drinks. Photo by Nuria Mathog

The Luminary, a cafe and bar located at 303 East Wacker, opened this week with a selection of on-the-go food and beverage options.

The cafe is one of the latest creations from Infuse Hospitality, a company that specializes in developing bespoke hospitality amenities for traditional retail spaces and offices. 

In addition to serving craft coffee and tea, the Luminary offers two specialty drinks: the Matcha Illuminator, made with turmeric ginger tea, a matcha shot and lemon syrup; and the Chocolate Charcoal Concealer, which includes espresso, activated charcoal, dark chocolate syrup, coconut milk and toasted coconut. Guests can also purchase fresh pastries and grab-and-go breakfast and lunch items. 

At a later date, the space plans to serve cocktails and chef-made bar bites during evening hours. 

“This opening is a great example of Beacon’s continued commitment to tenants by investing in hospitality amenities throughout the pandemic, and that the return to the office is on the near horizon,” Michael Schultz, founder and CEO of Infuse Hospitality, said in a company news release. “We very much look forward to safely serving tenants and Loop goers alike, and providing a new, high-end hospitality experience downtown.”   

The Luminary is currently open 7 a.m.-2 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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