Teacher Gifts

Roslyn, grade 3, gives her teacher, longtime educator Rafael Rinconeno, a holiday gift

Topping the holiday list for many parents of school-aged children is finding the perfect gift for their child’s teacher. The idea behind this generous gesture is to express appreciation for a job well done. A carefully selected gift that is meaningful, practical and heartfelt will send the message that their hard work has made a positive impact in the world. Here are some favorite picks from the practical to the personalized.

How much you spend on a gift is a personal choice, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to find a thoughtful gift. A handwritten note or card from a parent or student is one of the most treasured presents. It’s naturally personalized and a meaningful way to show your gratitude. Taking the time to write a note doesn’t cost much, and its value is priceless.

Teachers often save these notes and reread them from year to year, especially when they need a boost during the more challenging times.

Another economical idea is to create something homemade that also shows appreciation. A handmade ornament or home decoration can showcase specific ways the teacher made an impact on the student. A picture frame containing a photo or note is another creative way of capturing this sentiment.

Gift cards are quick and can easily be tailored to your budget. When deciding what kind of gift card to buy, don’t overthink it. Teachers can always use gift cards to Amazon for classroom supplies or Starbucks for a little treat or consider a gift card that supports local or independently owned stores or restaurants. The Visa Gift Card is also a nice alternative to cash and can be used toward whatever is needed most.

Personalizing an everyday item for your favorite educator is a sweet and simple way to give a unique gift. Dress up a mug with a monogram or add personalization to thank you notes and stationery. You can customize products with their name in bright, bold cursive or add teacher-friendly designs like a pencil, apple or paint palette.

Choose a gift that pampers and allows for self-care because with jam packed days that move at the speed of light, teachers look forward to unwinding and relaxing at the end of a long week. Spa products, lotion, candles or even a cozy blanket will bring a sense of calm to soothe, revive and deliver some well-deserved downtime.

However you choose to acknowledge the educators in your life, give from the heart, and you can’t go wrong.

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