Ernest Hemingway on a fishing boat Anita circa 1929.

Award-winning filmmakers Ken Burns and Lynn Novick (The Vietnam War, Prohibition, The War, Frank Lloyd Wright) announced the launch of their virtual event, “Conversations on Hemingway,” Feb. 2 at the Winter Television Critics Association Press Tour. 

Burns and Novick’s “Conversations on Hemingway” is a nine-part educational panel that will feature leading writers, scholars and other special guests who will speak on the famous author Ernest Hemingway, his legacy and his work. 

Each discussion will cover a theme in Hemingway’s work and life the last one focusing on Hemingway and women, in partnership with the New York Review of Books

Burns and Novick welcome people throughout the nation to participate in the virtual event, which will be hosted by WWTW and Chicago Public Library on Zoom every Tuesday and Thursday night from Feb. 23 through March 18. View the full schedule with dates and details at the bottom of the page. 

The event is open to the public; attendees can register for one or more of the events by visiting pbs.org/hemingwayevents.

“Conversations with Hemingway” will serve as a sneak peek into Burns and Novick’s upcoming film, “Hemingway,” a three-part, six-hour documentary series that will premiere on PBS on April 5-7.

Actor Jeff Daniels will play the voice of Hemingway in the film, and Meryl Streep, Keri Russell, Mary-Louise Parker and Patricia Clarkson star as Hemingway’s four wives. Click here for a trailer of the film.  

Film review by director Ken Burns:

“Hemingway is both an intimate, turbulent family saga and an examination of some of the greatest works of American literature in the 20th century,” said director Ken Burns, according to a press release by DKC News. “The documentary attempts to go beyond prevailing assumptions about Ernest Hemingway and his writing. At the same time, we are unsparing in our inquiry into less well-known aspects of his character and writing. Our intent is to offer viewers an honest portrayal of a complex and conflicted writer who left an indelible mark on literature.” 

The “Conversations on Hemingway” schedule is as follows (note all events are 7 p.m. ET except Los Angeles, which is 8 p.m. ET):

Feb. 23: Hemingway and Childhood, in partnership with WTTW and Chicago Public Library (Guests include writers Verna Kale and Tim O’Brien).

Feb. 25: Hemingway, Journalism and War, in partnership with Kansas City PBS and the Kansas City Star (Guests include Kansas City Star editorial writer and columnist Melinda Henneberger and Hemingway scholar Alex Vernon).

March 2: Hemingway and the Natural World, in partnership with Idaho Public Television and The Community Library/Hemingway House (Guests include writer Terry Tempest Williams).

March 4: Hemingway and Celebrity, in partnership with PBS SoCal and the Los Angeles Times (Guests include Los Angeles Times columnist Patt Morrison and writer Lesley M.M. Blume).

March 9: Hemingway, the Sea and Cuba, in partnership with South Florida PBS, FIU’s Casa Cuba, and The Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum (Guests include writer Cristina Garcia and author/journalist Brin-Jonathan Butler).

March 11: Hemingway, Gender and Identity, in partnership with The WNET Group and the Center for Fiction (Guests include writers Mary Karr and Marc Dudley and journalist Lisa Kennedy).

March 16: Hemingway the Author, in partnership with GBH, the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, and the National Archives (Guests include writer Tobias Wolff and writer and physician Abraham Verghese).

March 18: Hemingway and Biography, in partnership with WETA and Georgetown University (Guests include writers Amanda Vaill, Howard Bryant, and Paul Elie).

March 24: Hemingway and Women, in partnership with The New York Review of Books (Guests include writers Joyce Carol Oates, Francine Prose and Edward Mendelson).

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