Banksy art exhibition coming to Chicago in the summer.

Banksy art exhibition coming to Chicago in the summer.

Exhibition bringing $35 million worth of Banksy art to Chicago

$35 million worth of Banksy art is coming to Chicago this summer! The world's largest collection of privately-owned Banksy art is coming to the Windy City and will feature prints, canvasses, screen-prints, sculptures and limited-edition pieces dated between 1997 and 2008, including his iconic works "Girl with Balloon," "Flower Thrower" and "Rude Copper.'

The street artist Banksy has been called a vandal, a genius, a political activist and a businessman. He creates art around the world, usually with a political bent, and sometimes in unexpected places. Overnight, his work could appear on a garage like it did in Wales before it was moved to a gallery a couple of years ago. In Venice, during the Biennale, he painted a young migrant girl wearing a life jacket on a wall at the edge of a canal. His work always delivers a message.

In 2018, in one of his most sensational pranks, a $1.4 million painting of "Girl with Balloon" was auctioned off at Sotheby's and when the gavel went down, the artwork mysteriously "shredded itself" before the horrified eyes of those assembled. Critics have noted that the piece is worth more now following the incident. The artwork, first created by Banksy as a stencil street art piece in 2002, symbolized political protests.

The Banksy Exhibit invites you to sign up here for first access to tickets:

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