Neon and Light Museum installation by Jacob Fishman.

Neon and Light Museum installation by Jacob Fishman.

The new Neon and Light Museum pop-up invites guests to stand in, under and around some seventy professional neon and light-based sculptures in a dramatic immersive exhibition opening in River North, 325 West Huron Street (formerly the site of Naçional 27), Thursday, September 9 for a limited eight-week run.

Among the highlights are: Breathe, a 14-foot-tall perspective-based neon sculpture that, when seen from the west, features the image of a mature woman smelling a rose, with the view from the north revealing an image of a young girl blowing the seeds of a dandelion (created by artist John Bannon); Circle’s Edge, Monika Wulfer’s  installation invites participation with activated gas trapped in glass tubes and features an iconic neon self-portrait by legendary Beatle John Lennon. 

Other talent represented in Neon and Light includes internationally renowned British artist Sarah Blood, feminist neon artist Zoelle Nagib, pop sign artist Jason Pickleman, neon master bender Jacob Fishman, the digital imagery of Detroit’s Annica Cuppetelli and Cristobal Mendoza, the projected light of Gary Justis, the language play of San Francisco’s Helen Lee, and abstract sculptor Michael Young, with additional special guest artists to be announced. 

The Neon and Light Museum is an expansion of the On Neon show presented in Chicago in 2020 by the Ken Saunders Gallery.


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