I Have a Name

The teaser for "I Have a Name" offers compelling proof that the documentary is worth waiting for

The Chicago Help Initiative (CHI) has released a teaser for its upcoming documentary, I Have a Name.

Combining exquisite Chicago footage with interviews of people living through and fighting against homelessness, the preview adds warmth to a situation that exists throughout the city but remains largely ignored. Helmed by award-winning director Lucia Mauro (Francis Xavier Cabrini: The People's Saint, One Year Later), it offers two minutes of compelling proof that the feature is worth waiting for.

Produced by CHI, a nonprofit dedicating to serving the homeless founded by New Eastside resident Jacqueline C. Hayes, I Have a Name was originally scheduled to premiere on June 4. Its release date has been postponed to compensate for unforeseen production requirements.

“We felt it important to add a sort of epilogue to the documentary addressing how the coronavirus affected our mission,” Hayes wrote to CHI supporters in July. “We will keep you informed as to when we anticipate the release of the completed film. But for now, enjoy this teaser.”

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CHI continues feeding the hungry

Besides rescheduling the release of I Have a Name, CHI has modified some of its regular programs to address the pandemic, including the Wednesday sit-down meal service, adult learning, art, book club, and choir.

“We were determined that our most basic function, feeding the hungry, must continue, and continue it did,” Hayes explained. “Today, hot meals and bag meals are prepared by our key partners and volunteers and we distribute them on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays to various locations.”

To learn more about the Chicago Help Initiative and its programs, click here.

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