Dear Candid Candace: My daughter is going through an acrimonious divorce. She and her soon-to-be ex-husband share two large huskies which they often allow to sleep in their bed. Now lawyers have been hired to mediate the custody of their dogs. I thought this was the stuff of crazy reality TV courtroom shows. I can’t believe my own child is now fighting over the dog. It’s affecting my respect for her as a grown woman. She has fallen from grace in my eyes. How do I get over my feeling of disappointment and still support her through this difficult time in her life?


Dear Judgmental: I am in complete accord with your daughter who loves animals, as I do. Frankly, I would’ve hired OJ Simpson’s Dream Team to fight this. Animals, to some people, are more like family than humans. And they certainly aren’t “judgmental.” I think you need to rethink this harsh stance and have a little more love and compassion in your heart for all God’s creatures, especially for your own dear daughter who needs your support now more than ever.

Dear Candid Candace: My neighbors hate my dog. They give me dirty looks whenever I go in and out of my apartment with my dog. Their hostility makes me uncomfortable but what can be done? My dog barks sometimes but not excessively. I’ve wanted to confront them about their greasy stares, but I cannot think of the appropriate thing to open with. I want to try and turn things around.

—Dog’s best friend

Dear Dog’s best friend: My first instinct would be to get a second, even louder dog, maybe an angry little Chihuahua (my favorite breed!) Kidding aside, I guess it’s just hard for me to understand how anyone could not love animals. And frankly, I can’t imagine a worse living situation. But Candid Candace is trying to be kind here so I would gently ask them how you can make this situation better for them and apologize for your dog, who is only being a dog. If this doesn’t work, perhaps obedience training would help you learn how to quiet the little guy. Sadly, human nature can’t be controlled. Perhaps in your neighbors’ past, they had an unpleasant encounter with a dog and they haven’t gotten over it? As uncomfortable as this situation is, not everyone walks the same paths in life so maybe a little “milk of human kindness” might be in order here too. Also, I’m hoping pets are allowed in your building and that this isn’t the cause for their “greasy” stares?


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