A new installation at Navy Pier pays homage to Transformers films.

A new installation at Navy Pier pays homage to Transformers films. | Courtesy of @navypierchicago

Navy Pier is the site for a new, eye-catching installation that will be of particular interest to fans of the Transformers film franchise. A promotional campaign for the upcoming movie in the series, titled “Rise of the Beasts,” (the 7th in the series) will feature larger-than-life statues of the iconic characters at the Pier.

The Transformers statues, currently on a world tour, were unveiled May 16. The city holds a special connection to the franchise as several Transformers movies have been filmed here, including  Transformers: Dark of the Moon (No.3) and Transformers: Age of Extinction (No.4)  

Statues will be on display now through May 26.

("Rise of the Beasts" hits theaters on June 9, 2023.)

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