Beatrix cookies

Beatrix’s “Go Home & Bake” cookie packs allow customers to make the restaurant’s cookies in their home kitchens. Photo courtesy of Beatrix


Streeterville residents seeking ways to stay entertained this winter have no shortage of opportunities for do-it-yourself projects—including recreating some of their favorite treats from the comfort of home.

The Beatrix Streeterville location offers "Go Home & Bake" cookie packs that come in several of the restaurant's signature varieties: Stuffed Nutella, Butterscotch Oatmeal, Gluten-Free Macaroon and Chocolate Chunk and Magic, a flavor made with marshmallows, chocolate chips and crunchy cereal. Each six-pack of cookie dough comes with a set of baking instructions. 

"To be able to enjoy any cookie fresh out of the oven is always a special feeling," Beatrix partner John Economos said. "We love our cookies so much that we want guests to be able to enjoy them right out of the oven whenever they would like."

What sets the restaurant's cookies apart is the "little Beatrix touch" added to each one, Economos said.

"The Butterscotch Oatmeal is unique in itself with the butterscotch, and it also has a sprinkle of maldon salt, so it's salty sweet," he said. "The Chocolate Chunk is our best-seller and is made with a house-made toffee. We also have gluten free and vegan options, which you would never know to be any different than the options with gluten."

Gino's East at the Magnificent Mile is providing fun for the whole family through the Make Your Own Pizza kits, available in deep dish and thin crust varieties. Each kit comes with dough, pizza sauce, cheese and four toppings that can be assembled and baked at home.

At Lawry's The Prime Rib, diners can order the "Meat Me at Home Martini Kit," featuring all of the ingredients necessary to recreate the restaurant's iconic cocktail from the comfort and safety of their own kitchen, Lawry's spokesperson Colleen Rooney said.

The kit includes a 1-liter bottle of Chopin Potato Vodka, two martini glasses, a signature Lawry's Chopin martini shaker, four Lawry's Silver Cart Olive Picks and a mason jar of Lawry's colossal horseradish and prime rib-stuffed olives.

"These special olives are stuffed every day, first with a small dose of Lawry’s horseradish, and then 'corked' with thin cuts of prime rib loin lightly dusted in Lawry’s seasoning salt," Rooney explained.

Lawry's has sold more than 150 martini kits since the item debuted in March, and the restaurant hopes the experience allows guests to "take a true bit of Lawry's home with them," Rooney said.

"Lawry’s has always been a classic meat and potato experience, so what says 2020 more than enjoying this classic martini in the comfort and safety of your own home?" she said.

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