Laxleasy and Too Chain

Best friends Laxleasy and Too Chain are staying at the Anti-Cruelty Society until they find a new home.

Delightful dog duo

up for adoption

Special Report courtesy of Pups Pet Club


Too Chain is a playful 10-month old who smiles all the time. Laxleasy is a four- year-old sweetie pie with love in her eyes. The cheerful pair came to the Anti-Cruelty Society at 157 W. Grand Ave. about two months ago. Together, they are up for adoption.

“These two would do best placed in a quiet neighborhood and home that does not have any children under the age of 16 due to their skittish and shy behavior,” the shelter recommends. “Once they are settled in, they will love all over you!”

Although their previous owner had to give them up because of a landlord issue, the dogs have remained close friends.

Too Chain and Laxleasy

Too Chain (left) is a playful 10-month old who smiles all the time, and Laxleasy (right) is a four-year-old sweetie pie with love in her eyes.

“When separated, they each became timid, but once reunited, their personalities are beaming,” said a representative. “These two LOVE to play! The second they enter our large, open training room, they know it’s time to have fun and will immediately start chasing each other.”

To learn more about Too Chain and Laxleasy, or to meet them in person, contact the Anti-Cruelty Society by calling (312) 644 8338 or visiting

Too Chain and Laxleasy

Too Chain and Laxleasy anticipate a treat at the Anti-Cruelty Society.


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