Struggling to stay awake in the pews? Maybe church hopping is for you. This month, I gently, and quite delicately, delve into the topic of religion and I will go so far as to suggest attending a variety of churches (socially distanced of course) to hear different sermons, rather than going to the same church each time. 

Let’s all shout “Hallelujah!” now that we aren’t forced to shake hands and touch complete strangers during the allocated peace-be-with-you time.

Man thrives on routine but my jaunts to new churches have resulted in new insights, inspiration and making the acquaintance of new interesting people. I almost never fall asleep when I’m somewhere new. Outdoor sermons and leaving the doors open during service have been great tricks to keep me awake.

One new church I attended recently had a completely different approach to the formal procedures, featuring rock music, a teens-only area, a giant screen messaging board and a sermon given by the pastor wearing a T-shirt and blue jeans. An eye-opener for me, but a good one.  

Church hopping could certainly apply to synagogues, mosques, or any other places of religious affiliations. The concept of change and experiencing new traditions remains the same. 

On a personal note, you might notice my last name, “Cohn,” would be an odd one to be pontificating on churchgoing. Yes, it would be, as technically I am Jewish on my dad’s side. We were unique growing up in that we had a bit of Jewish upbringing but still celebrated Easter, Christmas and other such holidays—not as religious events but more as festive occasions.

I ended up marrying into a large Catholic family, so you could say, when it comes to religion I may be a bit “Cohn-fused.”


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