Chicago's neighborhoods are home to incredible food from all over the World. Sfera Sicilian Street Food is located in the Edgewater neighborhood at 5759 N. Broadway. They offer classic Sicilian stuffed rice balls, called arancini; sandwiches; salads; Sicilian pizza; desserts and coffee drinks. Everything is made fresh and with love, just like in Sicily.

Owners Steven Jarczyk and Daniela Vitale bonded over their passion for food. This friendship led them to begin selling their amazing arancini at local farmers markets. When the pandemic hit, the markets closed and they decided to open a ghost kitchen. The one thing that was always missing at the ghost kitchen was their ability to connect with customers. Their new storefront opened in the spring of 2022 and it quickly become a neighborhood gem. This location allows the owners to interact with the community by sharing their love of Sicilian food. 

Sfera currently offers four different kinds of arancini. My favorite is the “arancini classico,” which is made with a beef ragù and mozzarella. For me, it was love at first bite. It contains a perfect crispy exterior, plus the ratio of filling to rice is excellent. It’s not just a giant bite of rice. This balance sets high marks for my palette. They also offer a porcini, wild garlic and San Giuseppe arancini. 

Other delicious items include their panino burrata. It’s a sandwich made with fresh tomato and house pesto on a grilled Italian flat bread. I added prosciutto San Daniele to elevate the sandwich. It is fantastic and it’s packed full of incredible flavors. Sfera also offers rectangle slices of their Sicilian style pizza called sfincione. Each slice is thick and airy. There’s nothing better then enjoying a slice, while walking down the streets of Chicago. 

Sfera reminds me of my trips to visit my family in Sicily. The owners are passionate about their food. This is very apparent with every single bite. If you’re looking for a unique experience, then Sfera is your place. 

The location has a small seating area. It offers grab-and-go options as well as take out. They have a retail area with local Italian products, as well as their sauces. They can also be found at various local farmers markets. If you see Sfera, then order an arancini or two. You’ll fall in love with this perfect bite. 

Hours: Daily from 10a.m. - 6 p.m.


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