Roger Gomez

"If there’s any way I can stay and grow within Magellan, that would be awesome." —Aqua doorperson Roger Gomez

Roger Gomez is pursuing an accounting degree while working as a doorperson at the Aqua Tower, but that does not mean he intends to move on after graduation.

“If there’s any way I can stay and grow within Magellan, that would be awesome,” the Northeastern University student said. “It is such a great company, starting with our property manager Debbie Graf and going all the way up to our CEO David Carlins. It’s a great environment.”

He is equally fond of the “awesome and generous” people he serves on the job at 225 N. Columbus Drive.

“We’re there to help the residents and visitors feel like they’re at home and safe, most importantly, so they can always feel that warmth coming in,” he said. “You build a lot of relationships and, in a way, it feels like a whole big family.”

Gomez, the oldest of three sons raised in Albany Park, has respected the value of family his whole life. His mother, who owns a cleaning company, is from the northern region of Mexico and his father, who helps run the company, is from the southern state of Guerrero.

“I am definitely proud of my parents,” he said.

His first job in property services came through a referral from an uncle, who owns a construction company and learned about a relief doorperson position while on a job on the north side. After working at the location for a couple months, Gomez learned that Aqua “happened to be looking for someone” while he was helping his mother clean for some tenants in the New Eastside building.

“I got pretty lucky with landing a position with so much responsibility at such a young age,” he recalled.

Besides helping to develop his “speaking ability with the public,” the job has allowed him to meet celebrities and CEOs who are “super down-to-earth and some of the nicest people I’ve ever met.”

When not at work, Gomez can be found hanging out in River North venues with friends or playing guitar, a hobby he picked up in sixth grade. There’s also homework, but for him that’s really not work at all.

“I went into college not knowing what to do and took the 101-level of accounting,” he said. “I found that it came easy to me and I enjoyed it.”

As the first person in his family to attend college, he said that education is a “big deal.” Besides his instinctive knack for accounting, his mother is inspiring him to graduate.

“My mom is like my GPS,” he said. “She has made me a person who is not afraid to work toward his dreams.”

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