The sculpture World Traveler was a 2020 sponsored piece, highlighted by SNA in December.

The sculpture World Traveler was a 2020 sponsored piece, highlighted by SNA in December.

The Streeterville Neighborhood Advocates will collaborate with the Chicago Sculpture Exhibit (CSE) to bring fresh and exciting public art to Streeterville. CSE is a nonprofit with a similar mission to that of Streeterville Public Art Project, to increase the appreciation of and investment in public art. They do this by inviting artist's proposals, selecting great pieces of art and offering them for a one year installation to individual and organization sponsors. The sponsor's donation covers a stipend for the artist, installation and insurance for one year. If you would like to participate in the sponsorship or join the committee to be involved in selecting a site or general planning, contact them at

The Chicago Sculpture Exhibit (CSE) is an Illinois not-for-profit corporation founded in 2001 by then-Alderman Vi Daley. The Lincoln Park Community Art Initiative, as it was originally called, was created to beautify the Lincoln Park neighborhood. The first show was mounted in 2002 with eight sculptures that were on display from May through October. In 2008, the number of sculptures nearly doubled when Alderman Tom Tunney brought the Lakeview neighborhood into the show.

Following the 10 year Anniversary, additional neighborhoods joined and, to reflect a growing interest in sculpture throughout the city, the name was changed to the Chicago Sculpture Exhibit.

The Chicago Sculpture Exhibit is funded by charitable contributions from the private sector. The CSE mission is to bring art to the neighborhoods. The hope is that people will encounter art while going about their daily lives - walking to the dry cleaners or the farmer’s market, out for a run/walk or visiting a local restaurant.

All of the works are available for purchase at the conclusion of the exhibit. Donations of all sizes are welcome. If interested in joining the CSE community to help promote public art, click here for details.

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