Photo Courtesy of Universal Standard – Ben Beagent

Universal Standard opened at 175 N. Ada Street on July 10th. Universal Standard is a 1:1 shopping experience, with inclusive sizing. 67% of women in the U.S. wear a size 14 and above, according to Universal Standard’s website, and most shopping experiences are not tailored to all sizes.

Opening a brick-and-mortar store in West Loop seemed like the ideal decision, according to co-founder and Chief Creative Office Alexandra Waldman. “It’s no secret that West Loop is one of Chicago’s up-and-coming neighborhoods, home to so many new and exciting business concepts,” said Waldman. Universal Standard is excited to be a part of a community of businesses who are making a difference in the city and in the world.

Universal Standard chooses to focus on style, not on size. While visiting the store, a stylist helps customers pick out options based on their personal likes and dislikes. They sell a variety of options, from casual to formal.

Beyond shopping, Universal Standard hosts events at their space that are open to the public. These include parties, panels, and dinners. They also encourage customers to just come hang out.

The shopping experience at Universal Standard is unique and tailored to the individual. “This space was conceived with our customers in mind – it’s a home away from home to stop by for midday coffee breaks, have friends over to discuss the latest book they’ve all read, get dressed with our stylists before that special event, and really feel free to build a community around the things that are important to them,” said Waldman.

Visit Universal Standard’s website for more information on events, to online shop, or to read more about their mission. 175 N. Ada St. 1-312-265-1846.

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