Napleton Porsche West Loop

Rendering of proposed Porsche dealership at 570 W. Monroe St.

On May 21, the Chicago Plan Commission will review a proposal to build a Porsche dealership at 570 W. Monroe St. that was submitted by Napleton Chicago Imports on March 18.

Founded in 1931, Napleton sells and services new and used automobiles in dozens of locations throughout the eastern United States. The company lists nearly twenty dealerships in Greater Chicago, including Aston Martin Chicago at 1038 N. Clark St.

The proposed Monroe St. Porsche dealership will create 40-50 new jobs — including a General Manager, four managers, 12 sales people, four office staff and 25 writers, technicians and porters — according to the plan.

The estimated average salary per employee will exceed $75K, and the estimated tax revenue is listed as $50.5 million.

Situated in the southwestern corner of Presidential Towers, the location previously housed a Walmart store. According to the proposal, it will be converted into a site for “indoor light equipment sales and rental” as well as motor vehicle repairs that do not include “body work, painting or commercial vehicle repairs.”


The plan also lists a number of ways that the site will benefit pedestrians. Among them, creating space for bikes in the parking area and encouraging employees to commute via CTA.

A four-point section describes the design’s “Pedestrian Orientation” as follows:

  1. Create safe and attractive walkways and pedestrian routes;
  2. Providing street-level spaces within buildings that are designed to accommodate active uses or to otherwise engage pedestrian interest;
  3. Avoiding blank walls, especially near sidewalks;
  4. Emphasizing building entries through architecture and design.

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