Meghan and Harry

Prince Harry and fiancee Meghan Markle arrive at St. Martin-in-the-Fields for a memorial service on April 23, 2018. Harry was representing the Queen to mark 25 years since Stephen Lawrence was murdered in a racial motivated attack in London. Photo by Fred Weintraub, Chicago's "Royal Watcher."

Now the real work begins for Harry and Meghan. The drama surrounding their interview as the impact of “The Oprah effect” begins to fade. The answers to questions about the royal family that have never been spoken, at least not in public are now out there for all to evaluate.

Were Meghan and Harry trained correctly for the interview? You’d think they had been put through their paces by a skilled PR team.

With an audience in the US of an estimated seventeen million viewers it wasn’t exactly Super Bowl Sunday, but the interview drew a large enough audience which means there was opportunity to influence the public.  

Would it have been better if Prince Harry did part of the interview alone? Who was the real influencer and who brought the most credibility? All questions for Monday morning quarterbacks.

Public relation specialists, and talent coaches are now digging in. Many would give the Duke and Duchess of Sussex a failing grade.

According to Rob Morhaim, president of Morhaim Media Consulting, “Meghan missed an opportunity to show a side of her that people haven’t seen.”     

For Morhaim, executive producer to on-air talent including the late Regis Philbin, clients rely on him to make sure that they don’t miss step on the world stage. “His firm prepares CEO’s for big interviews and presentations by putting them through real-time rehearsals.” Morhaim, who is now Chicago based would have advised a different strategy for Meghan. He said, “share one or two personal stories which the audience could have related to.  Although Oprah tried to bring those stories out, Meghan seemed to be unwilling to go there.”

PR executive Michelle Mekky, President and Founder of Mekky Media Relations has had some pretty strong conversations with fellow women who felt that Meghan was being untruthful. According to Mekky, “Harry and Meghan needed to focus on the positive aspect of his desire to heal and rebuild his relationship with his brother.” A brother who one day will be King of England.

According to Mekky, “how Harry’s relationship is perceived with Prince William is key for the public to move forward.”

Recent royal history has proven that most tv interviews end up being a disaster for the royal family. The Princess Diana interview with BBC journalist Martin Bashir, The Prince Charles interview with Jonathan Dimbleby and Princess Andrew’s interview on Jeffrey Epstein all caused significant damage to “the firm.”

What seems certain is that Queen Elizabeth II, has led her family out of controversy before and is expected that this crisis will be no different.

An independent council will be brought in to examine claims of bullying.   The claim of racism will be addressed and it is expected that some procedures within the royal family will change.   Some heads might roll, but it won’t be the Queen’s!

Fred Weintraub is the creator of The Worldly File broadcast on The SmartTalk Radio Network and the co-host of The Hannah & Fred Show on WCGO-AM 1590.

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