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There are so many buttons and gadgets to push now in cars you hardly know where to start. | Photo by Pexels

Ramblings, rumblings, and other miscellaneous, unconnected things:

1) Someone recently told me you are really not into something, not really passionate about it, unless you think about it in the shower. A weird thought, but after thinking about it a bit—the person who said that may have been spot on.

2) It is wonderful to see when an individual of modest means wins the "big lottery" payouts, the ones that win multi-millions. It is always a wonderful "feel good" story, for sure. But wouldn't it be even nicer if, instead of one person all of a sudden coming into (for example) 150 million dollars, multiple winners could share it? And isn't a hundred fifty people getting a million dollars a much better "feel good" moment than one person getting 150 mil? Just sayin'.

3) I love the new automatic doors where you only have to wave your hand in front of it, and it automatically opens. Wonderful technological advancement. The only problem is you now get so used to doing that, that you start to automatically do this with every door.

Foolish would be a word for how you feel when you are seen waving your hand in front of a door, getting frustrated that it won't open, and then realizing there is no automatic door opener on that particular door. "Push" or "Pull" still works most of the time.

4) Call me a bit morbid, but I am in the habit now of reading the obituaries on a regular basis. Some interesting background stories come out in these post-life remembrances, and they are kind of cool to read. The only thing that makes me a bit uncomfortable is the difference in length and depth of some obits compared to others. Some have long, multi-paragraphed descriptions of their life and accomplishments, while others may have just a small paragraph.

 I probably am reading too much into it, but doesn't everyone's life have value and experiences with family and friends that they affected. Shouldn't there be a standard-length obituary for everybody so it doesn't appear that some people were "better" than others? Or those with the financial means to post a long obit vs. those who do not have the money. Is it fair for the family of more means to post a longer obituary?

 Again, I am probably creating a problem where there isn't one, but remember, we are all born the same when we come into this world, and when we die, we all go into the same size casket.

5) For a good laugh (or if you happen to be of older vintage, maybe a frustrated cry), watch a senior driving a newer version rental car try and get the back hatch open or even the gas cap.

There are so many buttons and gadgets to push now in cars you hardly know where to start. Is the opener on the floor, on the dashboard, on the steering wheel, on one of the side doors, or maybe on one of the new-fangled TV screens, now secretly disguised as a car video monitor.

I usually tell frustrated older folks in this situation not to worry too much because the next car they buy or rent will probably have no buttons and instead be completely voice-activated. "Alexa, turn on windshield wipers, medium speed."

6) I am not really into the whole British royalty thing, and I kind of appreciated how Harry and Meghan have kind of pulled away from that lifestyle and gone off on their own. My only question is, why do they still insist their son be called "Prince" Archie and daughter "Princess" Lillibeth?

Love you guys and love the rebellious example you are setting—but you can't have it both ways.

7) You want irony personified? Japan's head minister for women's progressiveness and a male.

8) Finally, under the "really, are you still doing this" heading, are letters I get addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Jon Cohn. Still? Using those outdated salutations? My wife is NOT Mrs. Jon Cohn, she has her own name, and it isn't predicated on her husband.

We have received numerous of these letters in the past and continue to this day. Many of them come from charitable groups and organizations that are fairly sophisticated and should know better!

Welcome to the twenty-first-century gang. It should be "Mr. Bob and Mrs. Joan Smith" or "Mr. Bob Smith and Mrs. Joan Smith." Not just the husband's name. The woman is not an auxiliary commodity here, and being known by her husband's name is for generations past-not present!

….I got more of these ramblings and rumblings, but I will let you, our fearless reader digest these.

But warning. More are coming, and the list is growing.

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