by Mat Cohen

There’s a tremendous amount of pride and loyalty that comes with being a Chicago sports fan.

Fans of the Bulls, who  haven’t reached the conference semifinals since 2011,  need loyalty now more than ever. Chris Britton is strongly loyal and has thick  Chicago pride, so the rollercoaster of the post-Jordan  era hasn’t phased him.

“Those Jordan years were the best years,” he said. 

“ They’ve been disappointing a lot lately, but I’m still  ride or die a Bulls fan.”  

This dedication and love shows in Britton’s work, which is why he’s been named the Streeterville News Doorperson of the Month.

Britton, a family man, loves working with the 100 East Walton community he’s grown with over the past 11 years.

“You meet a lot of different people and they treat you very nice,” he said.  “I love to help out when- ever I can.” 

A few residents have been in the building for the full Britton Era.  They’ve earned his top-notch respect.

“I go above and beyond for them,” he said. “If they need anything, if they’re sick and I’m off work, I run to Walgreens. Whatever they need I go out  (of) my way.”

He also works at 100 East Huron. When not behind the desk, Britton enjoys time with family. He plays board games with his wife, 13-year-old son, 26-year-old daughter and four-year-old grandson. He travels with his family, who have all learned to love fishing, a sport Britton got from his dad.

“I travel a lot with the family,” he said. “I take the kids, I take my grandkid to different places. I use up all my vacation all the time.

“I’m more of a family person. We do a lot of things together.”

Britton has the same  pride for the city. He grew up in Hyde Park, which explains his preference for the White Sox. Eventually, he wants to work for the  city and is currently studying to earn his commercial  driver’s license.

“I know I’m up in age, but I want to get on with the city, that’s my thing,” he said.

Until then, he loves the  building, working with residents and helping wherever it’s needed.

“My favorite part is just how nice and friendly the people are,” he said. “I like introducing myself to them, talking about sports with them and getting to know them. “I love this building.”

To nominate your favorite doorperson, email info@neweastsidecommunity.com with the doorperson’s name and why you think they should be the doorperson of the month. Each winner will receive a $25 giftcard to Mariano’s.  

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