By Jesse Wright

Jose Rivera knows how to keep his eye on the ball and stay in the game. Whether it’s playing centerfield in the softball field at Horner Park, or in the lobby of 530 N. Lake Shore Drive, where he is the doorperson, Rivera likes staying on his toes.

Rivera has worked at the Streeterville building for nearly seven years and he said it’s his first doorperson job. But he loves it. 

As the head doorperson he trains staff and manages guests and residents. Rivera said he likes the energy of the job.

“Normal days here are a rollercoaster,” he said. “It’ll get super busy for a little bit and then nothing. And then it’ll get super busy again and then nothing. And it’s like that most days.”

But Rivera keeps up with the pace. “You ride the wave,” he said.

The building includes 188 units, and over the past six years, Rivera said he’s gotten to know all the faces in the place. Everyone, he said, is pleasant. Rivera said he has never had much of an issue as a doorperson.

“You get the occasional tourist who walks in because they’re lost or they need to use the bathroom but no real problems with anybody,” he said. Rivera thinks of himself as a positive person and said that that is a quality he looks for in new doorstaff.

“They got to have a good personality, patience, and they’ve got to be positive. If you’re not positive you’re not going to succeed,” he said.

Away from the desk, Rivera likes to spend time with his family. His three boys and a girl keep him busy and he also plays sports. In the winter he’s on the basketball court and during the rest of the month he’s in centerfield as part of his softball league.

Why centerfield? “There’s lots of action,” Rivera said. “I like to keep in the action.”

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