Hayley Peterson

A commitment to professional responsibility and a desire to interact with people enabled Haley Peterson to earn a position with the door staff of the Lofs At River East.

“Last year, I was making deliveries for DoorDash and I met a doorman at Pres-idential Towers,” she said. “I asked him about opportunities.”

At the time, Peterson was working a day shift at Jason’s Deli and a night shift at FedEx in addition to the job at DoorDash. She dedicated the rest of her schedule to raising her three children, ranging in age from six months to six years. Following up on a reference from the man at Presidential Towers, she contacted Titan Security.

“On Jan. 3, I got the job,” she said.


As a member of the door staff for the Lofts At River East, Peterson focuses on “making the residents’ lives better and keeping the building secure.” She said the position allows her to pursue a couple of the things that constantly motivate her toward self-improvement, “communication and learning.”

“I like interacting with other people, and of course, the residents here are great,” she explained.

But people aren’t the only ones who make her job enjoyable.

“Me and a couple of the other door staff , we really bond with the dogs,” she added. “Sometimes they come and they sit at our desk with us, and last week I walked one of them during my shift.”

There are an abundance of other loved-ones to keep her happy at home.

“When I have personal time, I spend it with my kids,” she said. “We play games, I get to see my baby grow up, I make sure my oldest does his homework and he is now teaching my youngest how to walk.”


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