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@properties intends to open a 5,800-square-foot office on the eighth floor of 900 N. Michigan Ave.

Chicago residential brokerage firm @properties plans to open a new flagship office at 900 N. Michigan Ave. An official opening date has not yet been announced.

According to a company news release, the firm plans to open a 5,800-square-foot office on the eighth floor of the building, which is also home to the Aster Hall food emporium, luxury condominiums, high-end retail shops and the Four Seasons Hotel Chicago. The space for the new office was previously leased to Compass, a real estate brokerage that announced earlier this year that it would be closing its Gold Coast office.

The new space will serve about 300 agents, many of whom will work remotely much of the time, and features amenities such as conference rooms, shared desks, private "team rooms" for agents and open breakout space for collaborations and meetings. The office will be co-managed by Grace Goro Kaage and Rick Sobin.

“We would certainly describe this new office as a flagship,” @properties co-founder Thad Wong said in the release. “As the leader in the luxury market, it is important for us to provide our agents and clients with a first-class working and meeting space in what many would consider the nicest office building in the best location in the Gold Coast.” 

@properties plans to maintain its existing Gold Coast storefront office at 906 N. State St. in addition to the new Magnificent Mile space.

“We are definitely not in the camp that the city’s best days are behind it,” @properties co-founder Mike Golden said in the release.  “As a company that was essentially founded and built on the incredible growth of the downtown residential market over the past two decades, we believe Chicago will make it through this moment in time and emerge even stronger.”

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