Saigon Sisters

The sweet and spicy fried chicken Banh Mi from Saigon Sisters: spicy mayo, cucumber, pickled cabbage, daikons, cilantro, and jalapeños.

A handful of local eateries have been awarded winterization grants through DoorDash’s Main Street Strong effort. Bombay Wraps, Goddess and the Baker, Pinched on the River and Saigon Sisters are among 100 venues that will receive funds to “help continue safely offering service as the weather gets colder,” according to a press release.

Launched in May, the Main Street Strong program is a “series of initiatives designed to help restaurants get back on their feet and accelerate into this new future,” according to the official DoorDash blog. The effort recently announced a $10 million funding increase, with “$500,000 for restaurants in Chicago. 

Administered by the multichannel funding platform Hello Alice, the winterization grants can be used to purchase heating equipment, personal protective equipment, and other investments designed to help restaurants overcome the Chicago winter.

Tortello owners Dario Monni and Jill Gray expressed gratitude for helping to ease the restaurant industry’s COVID-induced hardship.

"We are in the perfect storm — reduced revenue, added pandemic-related costs, and the need to invest in innovation in order to persevere,” they said.” “We are so grateful for this grant and for DoorDash's commitment to helping independent restaurants like ours continue to be a strong part of our communities.”

Other steps that DoorDash has taken to ease the burden of the pandemic include:

  • $120 million in commission relief and marketing investments

  • 50% reduction in commissions for mom-and-pop restaurants, plus 0% commissions for pickup and 0% commissions for restaurants new to DoorDash

  • Free personal safety equipment for Dashers, including hand sanitizer, gloves, wipes, and masks

  • Two weeks of earnings for eligible Dashers affected by COVID-19

  • COVID-19 screenings and telemedicine appointments for just $4 per visit

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