Mesa Urbana, a Mexican fusion restaurant comes to Lincoln Park.

Mesa Urbana, a Mexican fusion restaurant comes to Lincoln Park.

Even the Uber driver had trouble finding this sleek, yet charming new (3-month-old) restaurant nestled in the heart of Lincoln Park. Yet once you've arrived, you feel like you've come home. The staff, from top to bottom, greets everyone like long lost friends. Yes, Mesa Urbana is a true neighborhood restaurant, even its artwork is by local artist Danielle Klinenberg who lives nearby.

After you check out the sleek decor, done in shades of blue and cream with sparkling modern light fixtures, a cozy intimate bar and a well appointed patio, you concentrate on the next-level Mexican fusion cuisine. The delicious menu, created by brothers Moe, Billy and Ash Taleb, includes dishes like Elote En Tequesquite (corn, queso fresco, lime, crema, epazote); Tacos de Pescado (cod, cabbage, mango relish, avocado); Queso Fundido (shrimp, cheese, tomato, poblano, molcajete salsa);  Tequila Pasta (in a tangy cream sauce with mixed bell peppers, cilantro, cerrano and chicken); Carne Asada (USDA prime Allen Brothers skirt steak and nopales (cacti that resemble green beans); Shrimp Risotto (with root vegetables, red pepper, coconut yellow curry); Salmon Al Carbon (tamarind, mango, papaya with an avocado puree) and so much more. (See complete menu here

The restaurant's mission, according to the Brothers Taleb: "We believe value is in the experience, which stems not only from our elevated food and beverage program, but also from our team and the positive, forward-thinking culture we are building together." 


Mesa Urbana is located at 1935 North Lincoln Park West. The entrance to the restaurant is on a cul-de-sac. The other side of the building faces Clark Street, where street parking is available. Valet parking is offered daily at Hotel Lincoln, 1816 North Clark Street. Since North Lincoln Park West is a cul-de-sac, the closest cross streets, for your reference, are Armitage and Clark. (, 773.312.7040)

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