November 13 - 22

Help support local busineses and artists.

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The inaugural Streeterville Week is a community-focused event in support of local businesses. Enjoy premium discounts and offers at Streeterville restaurants, hotels, gyms and other neighborhood businesses.

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Enjoy exclusive deals at your favorite Streeterville spots.

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Kick-off event

Saturday, November 14, 12:30 – 2 p.m.

Local celebrities, artists and street performers will entertain passersby in and around Ogden Plaza.

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The kick-off event will be hosted by Marley Kayden of "Chicago's Best" on WGN-TV and live streamed November, 14 at noon on our Facebook page

Community powered

The program features an appearance by child actor Vikram Konkimalla — known for his role as Tiny Tim in The Goodman Theatre's "A Christmas Carol" — as well as singalongs and giveaways by sponsors such as City Scents Floral & Home

Support the artists

Learn more about the musical lineup Chicago’s street performers will entertain passersby in and around Ogden Plaza on a rotating schedule.

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To ensure the safety of the artists and others who are enjoying the music, please walk by and observe social distancing measures. Masks required. Visit Chicago Star Media’s Facebook page for updates.